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Why Use The Hub Car Wash?

We would naturally answer that by saying, “We are a first class, service oriented neighborhood car wash that loves to see your car come out clean and you leave satisfied.” However, shameless self promotion does not work for everyone so the Hub Car Wash would like to present a few reasons why using the Hub is a good idea, for both you and your car.

  1. Protecting your investment: A car is an important investment for people today. Depending on which literature you read, people spend thousands of dollars every year operating their vehicle. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that Americans spend about 19% of their income on transportation. The IRS says the expense of operating a car is about 48 cents a mile. Opinions of the actual cost may vary, but the reality is a car is an investment worthy of a little TLC over its lifetime. Using a professional car wash such as the Hub Car Wash is wise part of any regular maintenance program. At the Hub Car Wash we want to reward you for taking care of your car, so we have a “Frequent Wash” program where every 10th wash is free. Ask the cashier about it.
  2. Improving your Car’s resale value: By engaging in a regular Hub Car Wash washing regimen you also improve the value of your car when I t comes time to sell or trade it in. We all know that a car loses value once you leave the lot. The key is maintaining the car over it life, thereby improving the resale value. When you do make the move to sell the car any Automobile/Used Car help page on the internet recommends washing, waxing and detailing your car. A well detailed car can add anywhere from $500-$1500 dollars to the value of the sale. At the hub car wash you can get a complete wash, wax, and detail for $200 dollars. If our Hub math is correct, that $200 dollar investment could return 100% or more. You can take that to the bank. Check out the Hub internet only coupons and increase your return even more.
  3. Car vs. Nature: We know that driving in Colorado weather can be hard on your vehicles. With over 300 days for sunshine, your car absorbs lots of ultraviolet rays that over time eat away at the finish of your vehicle making it look dull and weakening the protective coatings. This leaves your vehicle susceptible to the ravages of the 65 remaining days. Due to the severity of our winter weather. Colorado roads are treated a variety of sands, salts and chemical. If these elements are left on your vehicle, your car may begin having signs of rust or other weather related wear and tear. Especially in the hard to get areas such as the undercarriage. The undercarriage is the area of an automobile that has the least amount of protection from the elements and is the most susceptible to rust and other damage. The Hub Car Wash has equipment that I specifically designed to remove those harmful chemicals and debris that build up in the undercarriage of your car. A good tunnel wash plus the application of the Hub’s rust inhibiting agent will help prevent damage. On rainy days the water from roads splash will trap dirt and other contaminants on and under your car. Over time the debris will cause rust and corrosion. We recommend a quick visit to the Hub after a rain-storm to get all of the debris off your vehicle. Bottom line, keeping your vehicle as clean and dry is good long-term vehicle maintenance.
  4. Using the Hub Car Wash is good for the environment: You will not find us hugging any trees down at the Hub, but we do believe in taking care of important things of value (i.e. family, autos, environment, etc.), especially over the long term. In Colorado you cannot go 5 minutes without hearing about how beautiful this state is and what we are going to do to keep it this way for our grandchildren. At the Hub Car Wash we work hard to do our part, in fact, all professional car wash businesses do a good job of protecting the environment. First off, all the washing chemicals and water used at the Hub Car Wash go into the city sewer system, where they end up at the water treatment facility. This means all those chemicals and dirty water get cleaned out and up before re-introduced for use by someone else. Home car washing releases these chemicals and dirty water directly into the storm drain. From there this contaminated water goes untreated back into Monument Creek, Fountain Creek, or other parts of watershed. Oops!!! Professional Tunnel Car Washes, such as the Hub Car Wash, also excel at water conservation. Our computerized high pressure washing system washes far more cars more efficiently and uses less water that home car washing. We can clean your car using, on average, 40-50 percent less water than home washing and 20-35 percent less than In-bay Drive Thru Car Wash like the kind found at your local convenience store. Nice huh!
  5. Convenience and other Intangibles: We all want to think that most of our decisions are based on a practicality and common sense, with all thoughts of comfort, convenience and aesthetics relegated to the nether regions of our sub conscious. Ah, but deep down we know better, and this is where your quality car wash experience at the Hub Car Wash resides. Having a regular schedule of car cleaning at the Hub does meet all the practical reasons for car washing, but in the end it is the intangibles that sometimes have the greatest value. Having your car cleaned professionally frees you up to do other things, like go see your kid’s football or softball game on the weekend. For many people a clean car represents pride of ownership. If you do not care for your vehicle who will? Another intangible is how people feel when driving a clean car. In a recent industry survey more than 90% of the respondents noted that the get a “definite emotional lift” from having their car professionally cleaned. They commented further that a car cleaned at a professional wash “cheered them up”. At the Hub Car Wash satisfied happy customers are our #1 goal.