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Car vs Nature

Car vs Nature

We know that driving in Colorado weather can be hard on your vehicles. With over 300 days for sunshine, your car absorbs lots of ultraviolet rays that over time eat away at the finish of your vehicle making it look dull and weakening the protective coatings. This leaves your vehicle susceptible to the ravages of the 65 remaining days. Due to the severity of our winter weather. Colorado roads are treated a variety of sands, salts and chemical. If these elements are left on your vehicle, your car may begin having signs of rust or other weather related wear and tear. Especially in the hard to get areas such as the undercarriage. The undercarriage is the area of an automobile that has the least amount of protection from the elements and is the most susceptible to rust and other damage. The Hub Car Wash has equipment that I specifically designed to remove those harmful chemicals and debris that build up in the undercarriage of your car. A good tunnel wash plus the application of the Hub’s rust inhibiting agent will help prevent damage. On rainy days the water from roads splash will trap dirt and other contaminants on and under your car. Over time the debris will cause rust and corrosion. We recommend a quick visit to the Hub after a rain-storm to get all of the debris off your vehicle. Bottom line, keeping your vehicle as clean and dry is good long-term vehicle maintenance.

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