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Using the Hub Car Wash is good for the environment

Using the Hub Car Wash is good for the environment

You will not find us hugging any trees down at the Hub, but we do believe in taking care of important things of value (i.e. family, autos, environment, etc.), especially over the long term. In Colorado you cannot go 5 minutes without hearing about how beautiful this state is and what we are going to do to keep it this way for our grandchildren. At the Hub Car Wash we work hard to do our part, in fact, all professional car wash businesses do a good job of protecting the environment. First off, all the washing chemicals and water used at the Hub Car Wash go into the city sewer system, where they end up at the water treatment facility. This means all those chemicals and dirty water get cleaned out and up before re-introduced for use by someone else. Home car washing releases these chemicals and dirty water directly into the storm drain. From there this contaminated water goes untreated back into Monument Creek, Fountain Creek, or other parts of watershed. Oops!!! Professional Tunnel Car Washes, such as the Hub Car Wash, also excel at water conservation. Our computerized high pressure washing system washes far more cars more efficiently and uses less water that home car washing. We can clean your car using, on average, 40-50 percent less water than home washing and 20-35 percent less than In-bay Drive Thru Car Wash like the kind found at your local convenience store. Nice huh! The Hub Car Wash also employs a state of the art reclaim water system that improves water conservation during drought conditions

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