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The Hub on Lexington is a 13 year old, high volume full service car wash and detail center. We get thousands of people and businesses washing their cars each and every month.

From in store signage, to offers handed directly to our patrons, there has never been a better opportunity for your brand to market to high quality consumers.



  • Male:  female- 63%: 37%.  The reason for this discrepancy in the male to female  ratio is generally explained by the fact that men typically care more about  their automobiles.  Men are more likely to spend money on their cars with  accessories and are more likely to buy a car as a reward for some  accomplishment as a treat for themselves.  Women tend to view cars more so  as an object of utility.  Using this line of reasoning, women are more  likely to use the automatic car wash as they are less concerned about  preserving their “precious” car.
  • 40% of the households have an income  exceeding $70,000.
  • 73% of the target population have an undergraduate  degree, 39% have a graduate degree.

Behavior Factors

  • 43% of the target  customers lease their cars.
  • Individual and family image is personified by the type and condition of the automobile that they have.

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